Workshop #1 LAB. PPREFAB
San Pablo, Brazil

The workshop LAB.PREFAB#01 carried out a research on “digital wood” with the concept of “objects with uncertain uses” in mind.

The workshop LAB.PREFAB#01 carried out a research on “digital wood” with the concept of “objects with uncertain uses” in mind. Divided into groups, participants worked on exploratory scale models, generating a series of project possibilities. Lastly, the judges decided on a final proposal which later on was built in factory and exhibited in São Paulo, simultaneously with the X BIAU.

The workshop aimed at architecture students, architects and others interested in the field. LAB. PREFAB program was divided into 4 instances: Workshop, Factory, Exhibition and Installation. The Workshop held introductory presentations and conferences, followed by a group exercise with individual product outcomes. Modelling materials were provided to produce 1.20 scale. (2 days)

A visit to the Crosslam factory in the city of Suzano-SP was held to learn about the entire CLT manufacturing process through a theoretical and practical presentation. Tests of cutting and fixing parts were made on a 1:1 scale. (0.5 days) The Exhibition stage ends with an opportunity to present and give an oral defense of the proposals to external judges.  A final proposal is selected by the judge and built on a 1:1 scale by Crosslam. Diplomas are handed and the event closes with a vernissage. (0.5 days) The temporary installation will be produced simultaneously with the X BIAU. A public exhibition is held on the final day. (1 day)


Organized by: MAPA
Support: LAMA.SP, Revista aU, Rothoblass.
Guest Judge: Fernando Viégas, Lua Nitsche, Marcelo Morettin.
Participants: Alfredo Rossoni Luvison, Andressa Becker Motta, Ana Carolina Rasga, Camila de Arruda Campos, Elisa Zmuda Parareda, Gabriela Lotusso Oliveira, Gemma Salinas Escayola, Helena Utzig, Henrique Lattes Borçato, Kim Hoffmann, Lucio Richetti Soares, Marco Attucci, Marcus Vinicius Arnhold, Maria Carolina Espirito Santo Cruz, Mariana Montag, Mariana Pinheiro, Marjorie Louise Litza da Veiga, Monica Retamal, Murilo Mattiello Gabriele, Nathália Corrêa Oliveira, Pablo José Vailatti, Rafael Carvalho Mas Santacreu, Renata Carla Atilano, Renata Monteiro Peres, Sabrina da Costa Hennemann, Stephanie Campos Sfeir, Taís Rejane Correia Vieira, Thalita Carvalho Martins de Castro, Tomás Schibik, Vando Henrique Silva, Vanessa Midori Tome Horiuchi.
Selected Projects: Camila de Arruda Campos, Marcus Vinicius Arnhold, Rafael Carvalho Mas Santacreu, Taís Rejane Correia Vieira.
Built Project: Camila de Arruda Campos.