Headquarters for Engineering Union
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Formulated from a set of project strategies that aim to strengthen the integrating and collective nature of this institute.

★ First Prize National Competition


The project is formulated from a set of project strategies that are attentive to strengthening the most striking characteristics of this type of institution: its public and open nature; the need to formulate a new representative program and its performance when facing change.

Unlike the generic, glazed and mute institutional buildings, the proposal explores its most inherent condition: its public and open nature. The levels of connection with the city and the existing building are permeable, generating integration and an unfolding of public spaces. The Gallery Level, for daily and commercial uses, and the Elevated Platform Level, for events and institutional uses, generate multifunctional spaces that intensify the integrating and collective qualities of the proposal.

The flexible configuration of the program is the project strategy, seeking to ensure current and future validity of the project. Compact and efficient, adaptable and flexible, it is an open and multifold proposal. In this sense, the structural, rational and emblematic concept allow multiple configurations both at the lower levels, Gallery and Platform, as well as on the upper 3 floors. The office floors, internal patio and service cores define two free strips, open to adaptations, with excellent ventilation, lightning and environmental conditions; altogether conforming a sustainable building.


Partners: Luciano Andrades, Matías Carballal, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado.
Project team: Rochelle CastroElisa Martins, Cássio Sauer, Alexis Arbelo, Pablo Courreges, Daniel Espinoza, Emilliano Lago, Aldo Lanzi, Isabella Madureira, Diego Morera, Maurício Muller, Camilla Pereira, Elisa de Sierra, Lucas Schneider Zimmer, Ignacio de la Vega.

Consultants: Solé Associados (Proyectos Especiales de Ingeniería), Sebastián Dieste (RDA Ingeniería), Martín Reina (RDA Ingeniería)