José Ignacio Shelter
José Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay

Away from the city but not from its influence, this maritime farm house combine coexisting opposites: from a summer enjoyment retreat to winter gatherings, from town encouters to the simplitcity of country life.

Building in territories far from the environments in which we usually inhabit is a challenge. It is the possibility of inserting a habitable space in a natural environment. The remote place is not a limit but rather endless possibilities.

Prefabrication allows to work with processed and industrialized materials, enabling a high precision assembly process. Likewise, it minimizes the impact on construction sites, minimizing waste, on site personnel and transport. In natural landscapes of high value, the need to respect their original conditions is a fundamental value. The action of being able to reverse back to its original state is key. This process is a conjugation between nature and industry.

The houses do not move. They are made of heavy materials; concrete is used and the structure is bonded with mortar. Prefabrication generates an efficient line of production, with a main premise where everything is built. The house is produced in a controlled environment and is carefully crafted. The final step is to relocate it to its final destination. Houses do not move, however ...


Partners: Luciano Andrades, Matías Carballal, Rochelle Castro, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado.
Project Team: Pablo Courreges, Mauricio Müller, Emiliano Lago, Diego Morera.

Photographs: Leonardo Finotti
Transport Documentation: MAPA
Constructed area: 90 m2
Assembly and Installation: Nebimol
Trasnsport: Carrión
Illumination: Trios Lighting