Minimod Curucaca
Curucaca, SC, Brazil

MINIMOD is an exploration about the experience of landscape and technology. It presents itself as a primitive retreat with a contemporary reinterpretation, which more than an object aims to become an every-remote-landscape experience. Its compact and efficient design enhances the surroundings of where it is installed and turns them into available landscapes.

★ Award of the Association of Art Critics of Sao Paulo 2018. Technological Innovation. São Paulo, Brazil
★ Third place in Dwell´s Top 10 Prefabs of 2019


The Curucaca Valley is located in the mountain region of southern Brazil. The landscape is characterized by its intense visuals and a rugged topography, covered by the typical vegetation of the Brazilian Atlantic forest. The MINIMOD lies in a clearing in the middle of this dense forest landscape, next to a steep gorge that offers a stunning view of the valley.

MINIMOD pretends to be an alternative to traditional construction: based on prefab plug&play logics, it incorporates the benefits that a newly-born industry has to offer. Quiet but not shy, its unique-in-Brazil CLT Wood-Technology combines industrialized products efficiency and new technologies sustainability with the sensitivity of the natural material par excellence.

A plug&play device is one that we receive ready to be connected and used without complications. As such, the necessary steps to install and enjoy a MINIMOD must be simple and fast. From the factory to the landscape.


Partners: Luciano Andrades, Matías Carballal, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado.
Project team: João Bernardi, Helena Utzig, Marina Lemos, Lucas Marques, Débora Boniatti, Juliana Colombo, Pablo Courreges, Diego Morera, Emiliano Lago, Fabián Sarubbi, Sandra Rodríguez, Agustín Dieste, Sebastián Lambert, Chiara Vannozzi.

Interior Area: 90 m2
Photography: Leonardo Finotti
Video: MAPA Architects
Assembly & production: CROSSLAM
Local infrastructure: ALM Construções
Electric project: Eng. Roberto Silvestrin
Plumbing: Eng. Júlio César Troleis
Woodwork: MAPA Architects (kitchen: Sandrin Planejados)
General Site Assembler: Marcelo da Silva
Ironwork: MAPA Architects (metallic island: Safra)
Lighting: Reka Iluminação
Green roof:Ecotelhado
Furniture: Arbatax, Wishbone, Tripolina, Faro Design, Expresso do Oriente, Balbueno Tapetes, Cremme