Capurro Studios
Montevideo, Uruguay

The inhabitants of a unique Art Deco house from 1944 are seeking to expand the possibilities of their home. Through the simple and strategic addition of a single volume located in a spot of the property with the best views of the Montevideo bay, the house gains a diverse set of new spaces and uses: two studios equipped for two distinct forms of creative work – one for a musician and another for a photographer – two differentiated patios, and a rooftop that becomes part of the daily dynamics of the household.

The new construction is strategically located above the space that used to serve as the house’s backyard. The addition functions as a device that engages in multiple ways with the original Art Deco architecture, the vast landscape of the bay, and the complex context of industrial and residential buildings in the neighborhood.

The intervention divides the old patio into two: one at the front characterized by a metal spiral staircase, and another at the back distinguished by its privacy. Two studios are configured in its interior: the one upstairs, with a confined and defined spatiality, is isolated to be used as a multipurpose space, including music production; below, through two large glass planes, an interior space is defined, which when closed and dimmed by curtains behaves as an adaptable workspace and studio, and when opened, reconfigures the spatial continuity of the original patio.

Furthermore, the project successfully integrates the rooftop of the house into the couples daily routines as an outdoor leisure space.


Partners: Luciano Andrades, Matías Carballal, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado.
Project team: Fabián Sarubbi, Pablo Courreges, Lucía Martinotti, Laura Castell, Emilia Dehl, Flavio Faggion, Emiliano Lago, Sebastián Lambert, Florencia Mastropierro, Diego Morera, Victoria Muníz, Martina Pedreira, Emma Prevett, Agustina Vigevani, Pedro Brandelli, Amanda Cappelatti, María Eduarda Cavassola, Fernanda Dihl, Mateus Grandini, Lucas Marques, Constanza Manzochi, Mauricio Müller, Daniela Moro, Pedro Reichelt, Ananda Rossi, Taíse Ribeiro, Érika Sato, Júlia Zorrer, Juliana Colombo, Camila Tekiel.

Photographer: Aldo Lanzi
Interior area: 52m²
Construction company: Mon Construcciones
Lighting: Lyte Iluminación técnica
Openings: Zagha Alumínios