Agricultural Exhibition Center
Planaltina, Distrito Federal, Brazil

The purpose of “Public Contest Brasilia: Territory and Landscape” is the construction of the Agriculture Exposition Center of Planaltina (Federal District, Brazil). Aside from being an agriculture exposition and events center, it holds recreational, leisure, gathering, sports, educational and cultural spaces.

★ First Prize National Competition


The Project its formulated from an open and hybrid set of design keys, with transforming power: scale, activity, strategy and performance.

It’s an infrastructure intervention. The size of the activities, the plot, and the amount of people who will use these facilities are of a metropolitan scale.

The activities and events that are going to take place at the Exposition Center has a grate ability to transform the city of Planaltina. These activities are related to the culture, sport, education and leisure, which are one of the most important of the contemporary times.

From the beginning, the plot has the calling of articulating between natural environment and the city. Located in the interface between the conservation area “Estação Ecológica Águas Emendadas”, (EEAE) and the city, it’s a unique place, with the incredible ability to rethink the relationship between the city and the environmental reserve.

The object here it’s not valid on its own, but for its territorial performance and its behavior towards the reality of present and future activities.


StudioParalelo + MAAM
Partners: Luciano Andrades, Matías Carballal, Rochelle Castro, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado.
Project team: Guillermo Acosta, Alexis Arbelo, Pamela Davyt, Emiliano Etchegaray, Aldo Lanzi, Jaqueline Lessa, Mariana Niski, Camilla Pereira, Fernando Suarez.

Collaborators: Diego Morera, Agustín Piña, Mauricio Wood.
Renders: MAAMMEDIA + Agustín Piña.
Property area: 100.000m2
Building area: 12.000 m2